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Follow These Tips for A Fit and Healthy Life

Finally decided to change your lifestyle for the better, good for you! If not, it is not too late to do that. Most of us wish to be a couch potato but have a perfect body and physique, well we all know it is not going to happen so better start working out. Getting in shape might seem like going through hell but it is not, however, the process is long and requires persistence. Keeping a healthy and fit lifestyle will feel a big deal after getting used to it. Without further ado, here are some tips you can follow. 

Workout and Exercise

Workout and Exercise - Born Tough Blog

Do you know that already, then why aren’t you doing it already? If you are good for you to keep it that way. Enjoying workout is the key if you can successfully do that nothing can stop you now. Working out in a group or with a friend or partner will keep you going for good giving a motivational boost. What sort of workout you will do depends on what are the goals so talk to your trainer or some professional to make your workout schedule. During all these what should remain as is, are workout clothes. If you don’t know, snug-fitting, sweat-wicking, breathable, and according to the weather are things to follow and look for when buying, selecting, and wearing clothes for workout. 

No change in diet plans

No change in diet plans - Born Tough Blog

After you have found out what suits you and what things you should avoid don’t bring change to the plans every now and then. Stick to the current one and if the change is necessary then talk to your doctor and trainer. Most importantly, don’t experiment on yourself. Do not follow someone else’s diet blindly because what works for them might not work for you. Eating healthy and trying a new diet are different things. You need to check your calorie intake and Macros and micronutrients of your diet. Of course, have a cheat meal occasionally because you are worth it, but don’t binge on it! 

Get proper sleep

Sleep Well - Born Tough Blog

Just working out all the time every time is not it, this is not how you get fit and healthy. Along with body mental fitness is also necessary. Plus, muscles need time to recover properly and sleep is the best time for them to recover. On top of that sleep gives you the energy to rock the next day and go through it. 6 to 8 hours of sleep is enough depending on the person. Do not work the same muscles on repeated days give at least 1 day. 

Stay motivated

Stay Motivated - Born Tough Blog

Keeping yourself motivated is difficult but it helps a lot for fitness goals making you a healthy and fit person. Positive mindset and attitude towards things help. For more read how to keep yourself motivated, this might help dealing with motivational loss better. 

Active lifestyle

Active Lifestyle - Born Tough Blog

Keeping an active lifestyle outside the gym will help in maintaining the body in shape. If it feels too much in the beginning after a while it will not. Try to walk more, take the stairs, eat healthily, and move quickly. Getting out of the cab or train before your stop or parking your car a little far will not only help burn extra calories but also keep you active. 

Reduce Your Stress

Reduce Stress

It might not be easy but keeping it in your head filled with stress causes digestive problems, which of course, has effects on your diet. Bag digestion, bad diet mean adverse effects on your body this is the total opposite of what we are trying to achieve. Plus keeping it all in getting you nothing. Talk to some therapist or a friend if you like and let it all out. Adopting some hobbies, doing what you love, meditation and sports can help with that but not caring at all is the best way. 

Stop Smoking and drinking

Stop Smoking and Drinking

Both of these things are not good for health and ruin health. These are the cause of many diseases and even a stroke. These work in contrast to what the gym and a healthy diet are. Quitting it will better your blood pressure and risk of diseases. While quitting is the best way and recommended but if you cannot do it, for the pussy you are, try limiting it moving towards quitting. After all, this is all for you, your life, and your health. Hopefully, you will follow these and get to your goals successfully.