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Forget These Exercises If You Are Trying to Lose Weight and Burn Fat

I’ve seen people trying to lose weight doing wrong exercises and it gives the opposite results instead of giving you what you aim for. This goes the same for muscle and strength training. If your goal is weight loss then you would have to reprioritize the exercises you do. Our goal would be improving health, burn fat and not lose the body’s strength. Some workout habits actually make you weak, meaning every workout and exercise doesn’t make you strong. Now let’s have a look at which workouts you should avoid!


Cross Fit

CrossFit is great in itself and over the past years, it has become very popular. It does help you get in shape but not for the people whose goals are to lose the fat and reduce weight. It is risky and not suitable for beginners as it has high injury risk. Of course, if you are injured how would you workout to lose weight. There are plenty of other low-risk easy workouts that are more effective than CrossFit. We will talk about those later. Combining diet with moderate exercise will result in fast weight loss. 


Girl Doing Yoga

This is the complete opposite of the prior. There you were at risk and lifting weights here you are not doing anything. This will not help to burn that stubborn fat around the belly. Neither yoga ensures a fast loss of weight. Yet it does burn calories but the reason why you should avoid is that you are wasting time. An equal amount of time spent on some other workout can effectively burn many more calories and reduce weight. Who said to not do yoga? You can do it but to get calm, clear the mind, gain strength but not for losing weight. 

Extended Cardio Sessions

Extended Cardio Session

The cardio is good. It does not include risks like CrossFit, burns more fat and calories than yoga. It is better than both but long cardio workouts and focusing only on cardio is where you go wrong. This is not an ideal workout routine. Remember the goal is to lose weight but without losing the body’s strength. If you were only to sweat in your workout shorts it could be done just by sitting under the sun.

Thus, strength training alone helps builds muscle while increasing metabolism and burning fat along the way. This is one of the best workouts as you are progressing at double speed. Instead of first burning the fat then gaining muscle you will be doing both simultaneously. Limit your cardio workout sessions to about 40 minutes a week and save yourself the struggle. Also, avoid cardio sessions before weight lifting exercises. 

Only Weight Exercises

Weight Training

Holding a barbell, lifting a dumbbell, swinging a kettlebell can make you sucker for it but doing just that can lead to weight gain. Not necessarily fat gain, it is weight gain. Boosted metabolism is the cause behind weight gain and transforming body composition. Carry on with light weight training and cardio, and shed the pounds.

Working out at home

Jumping Rope

Home workouts can effective but mostly they are easy and won’t help much with our goals. Working out at home because you don’t want to skip a workout day due to rain is justifiable. Unless you have the equipment needed available at home you would have to go to the gym. 

Indoor Cycling and Spin Class

Indoor Cycling

These workouts fall under the category where the risk of injury is higher. You are more likely to get off the cycling machine. Plus, a treadmill or cycling machine can leave you tired and hungry without boosting metabolism. 

Marathon Cardio

Marathon Cardio

Most people think marathon cardio workout is the best way to reduce weight or lose fat but in reality, it is not. If you think getting your heart rate high and making it stay there for long is the best way to burn fat then you are wrong. The ineffectiveness of this strategy has been proved by science. On the opposite side, short but intense sessions of workout are better, easy and effective. An example of which is HIIT workouts. 

Jogging and walking

Walking And Jogging

Jogging and walking are great, they also have numerous health benefits. If you enjoy them, you should definitely go for it. But these are not enough on their own to create an oxygen deficit in the body that will burn a lot of calories. They both do burn calories but are really slow processes. 

In comparison to these HIIT workouts are better. A combination of interval training with strength and cardio will be a great combination. Have a look at other best fat burning workouts and change your workout routine from today. Note that, resistance training also makes you gain muscle. It is terrible if you are trying to lose weight but it is good if you want to burn the fat and get a structured body with lean mass.