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Get In Shape With HIIT, Here Is How It Works

HIIT workouts are a great way to do your workout and are active, first because it gives the same effects as short as hour-long cardio. Second, it is better at burning fat and losing weight than other forms of workout. And finally, it effectively burns fat and your muscle is saved. Most of the times calories you would burn with HIIT training would be better and long-lasting. Other workouts like cardio will deform your muscles too which can cause problems like weakness, diseases and etc. HIIT helps lower blood sugar levels improving your sensitivity against insulin. 

What Is HIIT

Born Tough Muscular Man

HIIT workouts are short bursts of high-intensity followed by short periods of rest. There are thousands of examples of HIIT workouts on the internet. Of course, we know that exercise and workout are healthy and beneficial for our lives but most of us don’t know which workout is suitable for them. HIIT is best for those who say they don’t have time for a workout. With HIIT just half an hour in the whole day would be enough to get you close to the fitness goals. If your office or workplace allows you to wear casual clothes you can wear a workout shirt and joggers to the office and do HIIT exercise during the break or whenever you get time. Following mentioned are the benefits of HIIT training. 

Burns calories quick

Burn Calories Fast

This is not some made-up stat, studies show that 30 minutes HIIT burned about 30% more calories than another exercise. Why would one opt for hours and hours of exercise when in a shorter period of time you can burn more? This not only saves time but also is better at keeping you fit. 

Higher metabolic rate for hours

Higher the metabolic rate more calories you would be burning. Keeping a high metabolic rate even after workouts is secret to HIIT workouts. This way you would be burning calories while watching TV after a workout. Intriguing, isn’t it, to burn calories doing nothing watching TV? Some studies show this raised metabolic rate is even higher than jogging and weight training. 

Effective fat loss 

Effective Fat Loss

Studies have found that doing short HIIT workout from 20 to 30 minutes daily can lose 4.4 pounds of weight successfully over a period of 12 weeks. Of course, this could vary depending on body types and your workout. But the most important thing to note is that there were no changes made in the diet plan. Thus, we conclude HIIT is best for weight loss and getting yourself in shape. It similarly works for the people who are not fat. Check out this fat loss guide according to the body types.

A gain muscles with HIIT

Gain Muscle

With HIIT you could gain muscle too however, muscle gain happens when your muscles are being used the most. Good news for people who haven’t worked out in their life or took a long break. Now HIIT would work more effectively you more and the chances of gaining muscle are higher. While it supports muscle gain but only to a limited extent. So, if you are looking to gain a lot of muscles then go for those platinum level exercises that are focused to do that. 

Improve your oxygen consumption

This is simple and straight; you don’t have to be a geek to understand this. Here it goes, more oxygen your body intakes more oxygen it provides to the muscles and cells thus you perform better. So, HIIT helps in improving your oxygen intakes and thus improves things like endurance and performance. HIIT would be giving you better in a shorter amount of time compared to what other exercises will be doing.

Better heart health

Heart health cannot be improved overnight, of course, but there is a way to improve it faster than you think. With HIIT this can be done effectively in a short amount of time. Studies have found out, HIIT workouts reduced as blood pressure in adults better than other endurance workouts in an equal amount of time. Where HIIT was being done just for 30 minutes while endurance workouts took at least one hour. But this was for people with raised blood pressure issues. So, HIIT does not change or reduce blood pressure for normal-weighted individuals with normal levels.

Better blood sugar level

Better Blood Sugar

HIIT not only reduces blood sugar level but also increase your resistance from insulin better than any other advised workouts. So, we can say that HIIT is beneficial for people with diabetes and the risk of diabetes. Some studies have also found that it successfully reduced blood sugar levels. This successfully works for individuals without diabetes problem and increase their insulin resistance.

No equipment needed

Exercise Without Equipment

One of the greatest things about HIIT is that you can also do it without any equipment and weights. Exercises like high knees, fast feet, jumping lunges, etc. can be easily incorporated into the routine and they will just as good. So, now you don’t have to skip or worry if you don’t have weights or bad weather is stopping you from going to the gym. This means you can also do it at home or anywhere else. This can be bad news for people who used to have these kinds of excuses to skip a workout. Come on, HIIT workouts just take too less of your time and in return, you are getting better results than other workouts.