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Going Workout Clothes Shopping, Things You Should Know

Sometimes we are so focused on the workout and the goals we want to achieve that clothes are completely ignored. Whether you believe it or not workout clothes really make a difference and affect the workout. These days activewear, or workout clothes whatever you like to call, are stylish and fashionable that you can eve wear them regularly. Thus, you can basically workout, go out with friends, have a run, and spend the rest of the day chilling in the same workout clothes. Factors like comfort and size etc. tell you whether or not, the clothes are made for you but there is more to it. So, let’s have a look at it. Here are the top things you should know before going on workout clothes shopping.

Choosing Fabrics

Choosing Fabrics

Choosing the fabric is the first thing that you will be doing even before selecting the right size. Performance fabrics, the sweat-wicking ones are what you should go for. They will keep you cool and away from sweat irritation. Just make sure they are of the right size. The right size is the one in which you are comfortable, it is neither tight nor baggy. Forget the cotton, and move on towards cotton blends.


Moisture-wicking clothes will let your body breathe keeping things comfortable for workout environments. During winters workout joggers and hoodie or jacket with a tank top underneath, while for winters just workout shorts with tank top or T-shirt is great. It is important for moisture to wick off, no matter the weather. Because the body won’t have a way to cool itself down otherwise. While for winters you can add a non-breathable, windproof and waterproof layer on top.

Cotton is very good for comfort purposes and sweat absorption, so it can be used for less intense workouts like Zumba but for cardio and other intense workouts moisture-wicking and breathable ones are preferred. 


Born Tough Half Sleeve Workout Shirt

Make sure the size you are selecting is perfect. Try out the clothes before buying if you can and put yourself in some workout positions like squats etc. to be sure that you will be comfortable in them while working out. On top of that, notice if the clothes will reveal the body or flash others, make sure they don’t. You can show as much skin as you like but flashing others with it is not fine. The era of baggy clothes is over snug fit is the new fashion. 

Can it be worn normally?

Worn Workout Clothes Normally

These days athletic wear is worn normally and it is not unnatural. In fact, you will see most people wearing it daily. The benefit of wearing workout clothes normally is, first, you are always comfortable and looking good and second, you don’t have to change twice or thrice daily just because of the gym and gym clothes. Additionally, workout clothes are easy to wash and dry off quickly so at the end of the day you can do that. Just to be on the safe side we recommend you buy at least three pairs.

Dress according to weather

Dress According To Weather

Change in weather addresses change in clothes, not just that but it should bring a change in your workout clothes too. During winters thick, warm but breathable and sweat-wicking clothes and for summer light, cool and again breathable and sweat-wicking clothes will do the magic. For winters you should dress in layers if you are having trouble check on how to pick the best workout clothes. Here are some tips on how to dress the weather accordingly.

Hot weather

Born Tough Shorts and Shirts

For hot weather, obviously, we mean summer, breathability and sweat-wicking activewear is made because of the obvious reasons like keeping you cool and sweat away. Other than that, cool and light colors seem pleasing to eyes, if it is an outdoor workout then avoid black clothes, it absorbs more sunlight.

Cold weather

Wear Born Tough In Cold Weather

During the winters always keep your body covered and protected from chilled wind and cold. Layering will protect you and keep things comfortable, base layers are the same as summer while on top there goes windproof, waterproof jacket or just a warm layer. Head, hands, neck, and feet should be covered for protection from cold. 

Wet, windy weather

And then there is windy and wet weather. The dressing for this weather changes a little bit, or you might want to stay at home and do at-home workouts. If not keep the rain suits on and stay away from slippery slopes. By the way, weather change comes uninvited and unexpected especially in tropical regions and in such conditions doing the workout at home when you cannot go out is easier. We hope you learned something and this helps you make better decisions in the future.