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How Strength Training Can Help You Lose Weight

Cardio can help you burn a good calorie amount when you are going for a long run or high energy workout. However, just working cardio is not the right way if you are planning on losing weight. Focusing on this only you are missing out on the workout which can fuel your weight loss program. Strength training was not as popular before but now it is being recognized as a workout that can seriously help lose weight improving body strength. No matter what workout it is always wearing proper workout clothes, sometimes they are the reason for no fat loss because you aren’t working properly. The following are some of the reasons why working out strength training can help you lose weight better. 

Improved metabolism 

Improve Metabolism

Cardio workouts help lose fat, true, but with it, the body is losing some muscle as well, says the research and certified trainers and specialists. Now, less muscle mass means slow metabolism, and slow metabolism means your body cannot burn fat as effectively as it can. Hmm, this means you are working out tirelessly but not able to burn as much fat. More and more muscle you lose more the metabolism is slower which can get you stuck in the same spot. 

Although it can help in muscle growth that is not as effective as strength training in that matter. Strength training helps in muscle growth, and you do not have to worry about the slower metabolic rate and problems related to it. In addition, it is better at fat loss. 

More calories burned

More Calories Burn

With strength training, more calories are burned within the same time period. There is something called the afterburn effect. After you are done with the strength training, during the rest and repair period you will be burning more calories. For instance, after the workout when you are watching TV you are still burning calories. This training trains our muscles to minor burn and damage then it gets repaired within 48hours and repeats over again. 

Because of this increased burn of calories, we lose more fat. Choosing clothes is also important, if you are having trouble, how to choose bottoms for every workout type, will surely help, have a look. Cardio workouts might take the lead when we talk about calorie incinerating exercises however tweaking a little with your strength workout it can burn a significant number of calories. 

You can add elements like more sets, increasing the reps, heavier weights, moving quickly between sets, not taking rest between sets, continuous workout, adding short cardio exercises between sets and workouts like treadmill run or cycling. This way it is easier to burn calories, reaching effects that last long and get better results without running into problems. Increasing heart rate which means increased calorie demand resulting in great calorie burn and fat loss.

Stubborn belly fat

Lower Belly Fat

According to studies and research did on more than 10,000 men for a year results show that strength and weight training are better at lowering belly fat, which is very stubborn just so you know. In addition, the results are better if intense resistance and cardio workout are gathered with strength training. 

When we cannot see a reduction in belly fat reduction first approach or most people is to cut the calorie intake or focus n burning more calories. What we do not think of is changing our methods of burning belly fat so that the results could be better. 

Weight lifting

Lifting Weight

Studies show that a mixture of weight training with strength, and some others like cardio with strength workout can lead you to your goals sooner. Do not get confused by the term weight lifting as in lifting heavyweights. By this, we mean working with weights, according to a study held recently it is shown that lifting lighter weights and doing more reps and sets helps in better weight loss and muscle growth when compared to lifting heavier weights doing fewer reps. 

Now, if you have reached or already present at your desired weight then leaving weight training for good is not a good idea. There are still tons of reasons for you to keep working weight training. For starters, it increases mobility, bone density, stronger bones and muscles, and lowering chronic diseases.

Adding more strength training

If you are wondering how you can add more strength trading to your already existing and ongoing workout routine then no worries because we are here for you. But if you do not workout then starting with the strength training is a great idea. Firstly, you can convert a shift towards strength training, secondly, you can do some at the end of your day. Another way, if you are doing cardio, switch to strength training while doing cardio in between sets. Going for strength training 3 or 4 times a week and continuing with other daily routines is another approach. 

The bottom line is ditching the cardio like running or cycling and throw some weights and strength training to your workout.