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Important Workout Tips For Building Muscles

Building muscle means you have to increase your calorie intake then you are burning. The process is simple, you work on a muscle and the tissues recover themselves. When you would eat more protein and carbs, along with other important micronutrients, the muscles would get recovered fast and there you go. So, the fellow workout enthusiasts and people who want to gain muscle, this is for you! To gain more weight and muscle eat 250 to 500 calories more than you burn. Now, if you are gaining fat then stay between 250 to 300 and if gaining fat and muscle is the difficult aim for 500 more calories than burned.

Don’t think this would be an easy task, as your tank tops get sweatier than those who are trying to lose fat. Getting your diet adjusted is a bit of a hit and trial method but it is neither too long nor difficult. A pro tip, gaining muscle is not all about protein, while it is important, but there are many other important factors. So, let’s begin!



Shocked to see this term here? Yes, your genes are important and a deciding factor on how much and how efficiently you can build muscle, just like they matter on losing fat. The good news is, you can always improve your body and physique. The younger you start working out the better it is!

Workout intensity and volume

Workout intensity and Volume

Don’t get yourself confused where one friend is telling you to lift more weight while the other one is telling you to do more sets and reps. Quantity, quality, and repetition of workout matter no matter the workout and goal. Choosing the weight is also dependent on your body type. Follow the instructions by your trainer and stick to that. 

Weight training 

Weight Training

Squat, deadlifts and bench press are great exercises for weight gain, strength building, and condition the body so make sure to include these to your workout in one form or the other.

Per-week workout

Per-week workout

When you are trying to gain muscle, we recommend working on at least four days a week. If you do not have that much time then you may go for three days a week but no less than. Even though two days a week could work but your progress will be slow too, so just keep that in mind. 

Keep your goals straight

Keep Your Goal Straight

For instance, training for a marathon alongside muscle gaining workouts will not let either of them give desired results. In fact, your hard work could all be going to vain. This is just wrong, so keep your goals straight and work towards one goal at a time. If you want to train for a marathon first, here are some strength training exercises for runners you should follow.

Diet plan

Good Diet Plan

If you are trying to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time cut down your fat and carb intake while maintaining or increasing protein, veggies, and fruit intake. While when just trying to gain muscle, stay away from unhealthy fats and processes sugar and everything else is good.

Keeping track of body fat

Body Fat Checking

If cutting down fat intake keep track of body fat value and don’t let it drop anywhere below the normal state. It’s 8-19% for men and 21-33% for women.

Protein intake

Man Using Whey Protein

Training harder will not be successful if your protein intake is not good. Your intake should be 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight in a day. Going above or slightly below this level is fine. Take protein with every meal.

Carbohydrate intake

Carbs fuel up the body giving it the energy needed. If your carbohydrate intake is less then chances of muscle breakdown are high. This can give you the opposite results of what you are trying to achieve. Eat good carbs before working out.

Get hydrated

Drink Water

To keep supplying the water body needs to operate drink sufficient amount of water. It protects you from dehydration, fulfills salts needs to some extent and keeps you and the skin fresh.