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Key Essentials for Men’s Gym Shorts that Boost Performance

Inappropriate gym clothes can be holding you back from maximum performance and cause poor results. If the clothes you are wearing during workouts and exercise are not proper, then rash and lost motivation are what you’ll get instead of desired results. Mostly it happens with shorts than any other clothing. Shorts are suitable for different training and workout, they are lightweight, have a better airflow, and versatile. Doing exercises like squats, lunging, running, cycling and many others are done far better in shorts rather than trousers. Further, if you go into the types and fabric then choose the best one depends on your workout and weather. We wanted to help you in this situation so we came up with the essentials for men gym shorts that are important if you want performance boost. 

The Essentials

Workout Shorts

If you are going to buy or already looking for a new short, eagerly wanting to go to the gym to test those out, there are some important things to keep in mind. Before you go out to buy make a list of these so that you know what to look for. 


Shorts Fabric

Non-resisting fabrics that do not cause rashes are the features of good quality gym clothing. This is the most important and required one in shorts. For instance, after having a good run you would not want to notice rashes between your thighs. Mostly it happens because the workout shorts are constantly rubbing against the skin. In addition to that, if the fabric is of good quality it will have great sweat-wicking and breathability.



Breathability is central for comfort and high performance. Shorts with venting on the inner thigh helps in keeping athletes cool and dry. The pattern also helps in better airflow resulting in comfort. This is the reason these days shorts with vents are very popular and preferred by athletes. The shorts with a compression layer with additional vents and patterns would be an ideal one in which you can perform the best. 

Good Quality

Quality Shorts

Gym wear gets washed at least twice more than other clothing, they must stand tough against tough conditions constantly. So, it is wise and sensible to buy quality material that is built for performance. If you spend the right quality material it will not only last long but also improve your performance. Pure cotton is not a premium choice for intense and heavy sweating workouts. For such times you should wear sweat-wicking and breathable fabrics. These two features are the key in any quality fabric which is mostly a mixture of polyester, spandex, elastane, nylon, cotton.

Stylish and Trendy

Workout Shorts

Looking good during workouts and exercise has become a norm and standard these years. In the fitness industry, everyone wants to look good. So, wearing stylish and fitted clothing according to your size is important. Colorful shorts with an elegant touch to it will look trendy but you can wear whatever you like. After all, if you like it then who cares. While we are talking about workout clothing and style if you want some guidance, the best workout clothes for men is the place to go. 

Compression Layer 

Shorts With Compression Layer

Talking about performance shorts how can we forget the compression layered shorts. Some people love to have others don’t care but the truth is it does add and improves the performance. Those who have witnessed the improvement prefer the shorts with the compression layer. Some shorts have a pocket on the compression layer which means you can add your valuable stuff in there and do your exercise, workout, or even run without any worries. 

Shorts’ Length

With time length of workout, shorts changed. With basketball getting more popularity the longer shorts became trendy. After doing lots of surveys and research it is concluded that a 7-inch short is preferred for training and workouts of different types. If it is shorter than that you might be revealing too much skin and flashing others. However, if you are not comfortable with it you can go for a little bit longer length.


Workout Shorts Pocket

This is a matter of preference, there are a lot of different styles and kinds of pockets on shorts. Side, front, zippered, open, and even no pocket shorts. Having the right quality and quantity is what matters, a baggy six-pocket cargo short is not to go for when we are talking about performance shorts. Most shorts have three pockets with two open on the back and one zippered on the side. You may also find shorts with two side and one back pocket. Zippered pockets keep your valuables safe and secure while you work out.