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List Of Best Workouts That Help Lose Weight

Exercise and workout with reducing your diet, or adjusting it accordingly will help you reduce the weight and lose fat effectively. Because you would need to burn the fat your body has already created, just adjusting the diet will not help much. The workout will help burn the fat. About half of American adults are fat and trying to lose fat. While dieting is essential but it is not sufficient. Plus, workout has many other benefits like better mood, improved cardiac health, strong bones, getting rid of diseases especially related to fat. But don’t worry because we have got you covered. 

But here is the tricky part, wearing your favorite shorts and T-shirts, hitting the gym and running every day isn't enough on its own for weight loss to occur. For some people, a little bit of exercise is enough while others have to work harder. You need to follow a proper exercise plan with a proper caloric deficit diet plan to lose weight fast.


Walking in Born Tough Tracksuit

Walking simple and good for weight loss. First, it is easy for beginners to start with you don’t need any equipment or go to the gym, most important it does not feel like a workout so you are not overwhelmed. Harvard Health research shows a 70kg person can lose 167 calories with moderate walking pace if s/he does it daily for about half an hour. Walking is one of the easiest ways to reduce, and according to studies, an obese person can reduce about 1 inch of the waist with one hour of the walk at the same pace as mentioned above. 

Now don’t make any excesses now, you can easily incorporate walking into your daily life. Simply make little changes like go for stairs instead of elevators, walk to the grocery shop, walk your dog, walk during lunch break. Start with 30 minutes daily and progressively increase duration and frequency as you feel like it.

Jogging or Running

Jogging Or Running

Jogging and running are good training types of weight loss. They might seem alike but actually, aren’t. The thing that separates them is pace if your pace is between 4–6 mph it’s jogging while if the pace is above 6 mph you are running, technically. Studies by Harvard health and medical information institute suggest a 70kg person can burn 298 calories with jogging and 372 calories with running for 30 minutes daily, approximately. Running burns belly fat, which is a source for most chronic diseases like diabetes etc. Both of these exercises are also easy to do and adopt as a daily routine while enjoying with friends. All you have to do is dedicate about 30 minutes of any 4 days a week. Increase the intensity and time gradually. 

Interval training

HIIT Jumping Rope

Interval training, high-intensity interval training, or HIIT are different terms for the same exercise routine. It is short bursts of high-intensity training with alternate recovery periods, hence the name HIIT. Naturally, they are about 10–30 minutes and in the meanwhile, they effectively burn more calories than 1 hour of running or cardio exercise. Here is why HIIT is good for getting yourself in shape, and how they work. HIIT is great at burning belly fat, hence killing the source of diseases like anxiety, diabetes, weak bones, etc. You cannot make any excuses here also because all it needs is 10 minutes of your time. start from 10 minutes 3-4 times a week and gradually increase days. After some time you would also have to increase the time duration. 



Love, cycling, the workout is not your thing? Cycling is an easy, fun, and popular exercise for fitness and weight loss. The traditional style is outdoors but these days you can also buy a machine and do it in your home or gym. These bikes are stationary bikes. However, I still like going outdoors especially early mornings for that fresh breeze. It helps improve your insulin sensitivity, over-all fitness, stamina, and reduces the risk of disease when done regularly. The best thing is you don’t have to live any weights, just sit there and peddle. 

Weight Training

Weight Training

Weight training is popular with weight loss, it also helps to strengthen muscles. In short with weight training you can burn fat and gain muscle at the same time. While doing weight training also focus on strengthening your core, and don’t forget the legs. 



Swimming is a fun and refreshing way to lose fat and getting yourself fit. A 70kg person can effectively burn 298 calories, 372 calories, and 409 calories with backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly respectively. It is equally beneficial for people of all ages. This workout will be your favorite in summers. Swimming is a low impact; you don’t have to lift any weights so there is no reason left not to do it.



Sports, indoor and outdoor activities are also great at keeping you fit. Soccer (or football whatever you want to call it) is a great way of burning your fat, getting fit, and improving the game. This is a fun way of reducing your fat, what else do you want. There is no magical way of reducing the fat and getting fit overnight. You have to work and keep working on it, eventually, you’ll get there.