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The Best Strength Exercises for Runners

For runners’ strength is very important because they are running on it thus strength training helps runners be better at it. It builds muscle which makes the body handle repetitive tasks. You might have heard that you can go faster is you are stronger, or more strength means running faster. If you haven’t heard then just believe it’s true. Running is all about strength and forces you create in the right direction. Most runners do exercises and practices to perfect their run but do you know strength training and workout is something that can make things better. 

For instance, it can help prevent injuries, muscle pull, and pain. It makes you a better and fast runner strengthens your core and makes you a strong person. Following are the most recommended strength training exercises for a faster better run, have a look. But before starting off make sure whatever type of training you do wear workout joggers or shorts pairing them with tanks or shirts whatever you like because of this the right way to train.

Box jump


Put a box in front of whatever height you like. Raise the height as you become better. Slowly get into the squat position and just push yourself up, jump like you do to get on the box. Just try not to break it. Stand up on the box keeping glutes squeezed and jump back down. Simple and fun!

 Walking Lunge


Master it and you will already add enough power to your legs. Bring right knee up at 90-degree but don’t leave the foot to lose and keep the rest of the body straight. Then step forward with raised foot than come to a lunge position. Taking a step further stand up straight and repeat from start with another leg.

Goblet Squat


It works on the core and legs making your legs good to ace anything from squats to running and jumping. This is one of the best workouts for runners and their legs. Keep the feet slightly outside the hips, weight on heels not toes. While carrying the weight keep elbows inside the knees while you sit all the way down pushing.

Knee Tuck Jump


As you are standing straight with chest back and arms lose. Jump like we normally do but bring the knees up as high as possible, keeping the face safe from hitting yourself. Don’t wait, jump back again as soon as you touch the ground. Increase the intensity by speeding up and increasing reps. Here are some proper running tips and tricks, check it out before things get any intense.

Barbell and Dumbbell Squats


Barbell squats help increasing overall running performance, while the focus is glutes. Keeping your feet at shoulder width, hip backward, chest out and shoulders backward. Hold the barbell slightly below the neck supporting it with arms making a 90-degree angle with shoulder, elbow, and arms. For dumbbells, hold them straight down.

Bulgarian Split Squats


Want to fire things up, try this. First without weights, then add weight holding in your hands and hold dumbbells in your hands for a super intense workout. Put one leg on some box or a small stool, take a step forward then bend both knees keeping a 90-degree angle with back knee touching the ground and get back in the initial position. 

Suitcase Deadlift


Deadlifts are great and my favorite, they strengthen the glutes, core, hamstrings, quadriceps, trapezius all at the same time, amazing right! All these muscles are very important for runners. With this, you will have more power and force. With feet hips apart, hold weights in both hands and squat dropping weights dead down. Keep the back firm and straight get back up straight squeezing glutes and repeat. 

Single-Leg Deadlifts


Things are getting intense! This is like a pro-level intense strengthening workout! This can be done either holding weight in one hand or both. Stand with feet as wide as hips, knees slightly bent and one foot slightly behind. Keeping the weights close to forward leg lift the other leg slowly bringing the upper body down. Try to keep the back firm and straight and get back up straight.

Dumbbell Power Clean


The mother or power and strength to do this and you are all done. It’s like a no pushup burpee with added weights. Start in the squat position pull arms up keeping balance with dumbbells, come to a standing position. Do bend a little while raising weights up above the head and stand straight lifting it up. Get back in the squat position and repeat.