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These Workout Mistakes Are Keeping You Weak

You have to choose the exercise according to your fitness goal. If building lean muscle is what you aim then exercises like bicep curls and triceps extensions are considered as bad exercises for you. So, this means every exercise is not good or meant for everyone. Just like that, there are some workout mistakes that you make and some exercises that make a person weak and prone to injuries. Metabolism is something that makes you strong but as you do exercises like the ones mentioned above, they don’t help increase the metabolism. These exercises are called isolated exercises, and isolated exercises work one muscle at a time meaning no rise in metabolism. This way you can never increase metabolism.

In this specific case, do exercises that engage as many muscles as possible at a time and target as many muscles as you can. On the other hand, if just burning is the goal then fat burning focused exercises should be kept in focus. Here is a guide to body fat types and how to get rid of the specific type of fat. Because everyone does not have the same fat thus workout for those is a little different than others. 

Focusing only on cardio

Focusing Only On Cardio

Doing cardio for a long time to reduce weight or fat, here is some bad news for you. Cardio is not bad, but the steady-state cardio can make you gain weight. This is how this type of cardio workout produces a chemical called cortisol. This is the cause of weight gain. Now, instead of losing the fat you’ve gained more weight. This is another reason why cardio workout does not make you stronger because they cannot. All this time there was no mistake in your workout you were just doing the wrong one. 

Want to get great abs

Want to get great abs

When working out for abs there are some mistakes that we all make. The result of these mistakes or choosing the wrong exercise is not just that we don’t get abs as quick as we want but it also results in problems like back pain. With an exercise like crunches, or sit-ups, or side bends and later on you realize that there is no sign of abs but there sure is a pain. The purpose of abs is to support the back and spine but in exercises like these you are doing the opposite and that is why they cause pain.

You sure will feel a burn and have a sensational feeling that abs are already started to appear but in reality, the strain on the back is more than abs gain. Thus, these are not worth it. Exercises like planks and many others will effectively remove your belly fat and strength the core too. Burning the belly fat is our key goal to get abs not hurting the spine. 

Choosing clothes

Born Tough Workout Clothes

Choosing the workouts is as important as choosing your workout clothes. Sometimes the cause of muscle pain is your clothes because they are restricting. Workout T-shirts, tank tops, joggers, etc. are made specifically for this purpose. They wick the sweat effectively keeping it away from your body that gives you the freedom to move and push yourself without any issues. In addition, you are saved from various skin diseases. 

Gym machines

Gym Machines

Every machine in the gym is not to be used. Yes, you can use some machines that help you with the goal and workout. But in reality, machines restrict the way we move. One of another mistake that we make is not to adjust the machine according to our body. This causes you to move unnaturally and ruins everything you’ve been working for. So, less fat burned, muscles could not be toned better. On the other hand, it also gives you muscle pain, stress in joints, muscle imbalance, and bones making you prone to injuries. Muscular imbalance is the last thing that you would want.

Could not work out these fancy machines, at least adjust the machine according to your body. Try to move the body naturally just how it does and do the full motion movement.

Workout repetition

reverse pyramid training

Repeating the same workout over and over is a great way to stop yourself from getting strong. This is what you should do to stop seeing results. The human body gets used to a routine after some time so it is better to change the routine or increase its intensity if we want results. A change in routine can also mean changing the muscle group days, increasing the intensity, or changing the workout. The goal here is to keep the body guessing and not letting it get used to things.

Workout drags

Keep on doing the same workout for a long time does not mean it will give you better results. In fact, the reality is the opposite. Your muscles need time to rest so they can recover and grow. If you don’t give them that time how can you expect growth? On the other side extending workout time also does not ensure fast or better results. Getting toned muscles to need quality, not time. So, focus on the quality rather than long poor-quality workouts.

Bottom line

There are a lot of fat burning exercises that can effectively burn stubborn belly fat without making your body and back hurt and boost your metabolism too. HIIT workouts are really great they can keep on burning the fat even after done working out. Burning fat, while watching TV, doesn’t it sound awesome? This is possible with HIIT workouts. However, you have to be patient and consistent because progress will not appear overnight and you have to work hard for it.