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Types of Body Fat and How to Free Yourself from It

If you want to lose weight, by now, you would have come across a thousand different ways, a hundred different exercises and million of articles online suggesting different tips and tricks. Stating that choosing one method is difficult would be an understatement. Now the problem is that you don’t know which one to choose and you are right because all the different tips and methods won’t work for everyone. For instance, if a certain method works for me it can be useless to you. This is mainly because of our body types. Tricks for one body type will only work for that specific type only. 

As we are talking about weight loss, so it is mainly our fat that we are trying to burn. If not done properly, i.e. wearing workout clothes, eating right, and keeping the right posture, weight loss can cause severe muscle degeneration that salutes various diseases. As we want to lose weight and have different body types today, we will learn the body types, how much there are and what can one do to get rid of the fat in a way that is specific for that body type and will surely work. 

However, before that here is a little detail on how many types of fat there is on the human body and which one, we should focus on losing. 

Types of Fat

Brown Fat 

This helps to keep the core warm. In cold environments, it burns calories for energy. Lean people and children tend to have the largest brown fat stores. This is a good type and you don’t want to burn all of this.

Beige Fat 

Another good fat, this one lies somewhere between white and brown fat. Its deposits are near the collarbone and spine. Don’t need to burn or lose this one because it is good fat.

Subcutaneous White Fat

This is the fat to be burned and found around glutes, thighs, and abdomen. If you don’t do anything, it can cause hindrance in the bloodstream. Lying just under the skin this is relatively easy to get rid of. 

Visceral White Fat

it is also known as “deep fat” because it is deep into the body wrapped around organs which makes it dangerous. It causes blood to drains into making fat end up in our organs causing major diseases and problems like cholesterol etc. 

Body Fat Types

Types Of Body Fat

Now for the body fat types and how they can be burned. Note that the process will only include diet and workout tips so keep your expectations where they belong. All of the following fat types are white fat as it is the most common ones. 

Upper body

Usually happens if calories calorie intake is more than the calorie burn. Overeating, less activity, or not enough activity that would burn all of your calories.

Burning it out:

The workout is the best way to get rid of it and prevent it from happening in the first place. Running, swimming, martial arts, and workouts like HIIT are great ways to burn it. Packed liquid juices, processed sugar, junk food, sweets, and fizzy drinks, and unnecessary calories are to be avoided. 

Lower abdomen

Depression, anxiety, stress, and other similar situations can be a cause. Other reasons are similar to upper body fat.

Burning it out:

Simply avoid stress etc. and relax. Meditation, deep breathing, dealing with situations, or just not caring about are some ways to avoid fat. Exercise can also help burn but you have to cut the roots i.e. stress.

Lower body 

It is generally seen around thighs and glutes. Excess gluten or fewer calories burned are major causes of this. 

Burning it out:

Try a gluten-free diet, start exercising, focus on fewer workouts and don’t skip breakfast. 

Stomach fat

Fat around the belly is stored when one becomes a couch potato, starts drinking alcohol, carbonated drinks, sugary juices, and junk food. It can either be any one of these or any combination of these.

Burning it out:

Stop being a couch potato walk more, workout and try not to sit or go to bed right after a meal or snack. Stop drinking alcohol, carbonated drinks, sugary juices. Forget junk food! Divide meals into small portions and eat less but more times in a day. For example, make three meals into eight or six as you like while dividing the meal too. 

Lower body and legs

This type of fat is most commonly seen in women with leg vein problems or it happens during pregnancy.

Burning it out:

Use of salt and salty foods will cause swelling so stop eating that. Walk more or try to be mobile most of the time. Don’t sit idle for more than 30 minutes. Make exercise and walk a part of life.  

Stomach and upper back

This fat is formed when one becomes a couch potato, does less activity, calories burned are less than calories eaten, hormonal changes, and sleep deprivation. Do something about it before it starts bothering. 

Burning it out:

Focus on belly and back exercises, get proper sleep because sleep deprivation can also cause this. Adjust your diet and include more greens, fibers. Switch to lean meat and try to eat less fat. 

Don’t lose hope, just keep on it. Here is how to keep yourself motivated, if you are having motivation problems. Regardless of the age, gender and race fat can be stored in your body and one should do something about it before things get out of control. Exercise and diet are the best way to control it. Keep a healthy lifestyle and everything will be fine. Consult your doctor if things aren’t getting back on track.