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What Are Compression Fabrics And Are They Effective At All?

The word compression fabric is very common and popular these days among the workout freaks. Now, you might be wondering what that is and how it works, if it does at all. Is this just a fancy name for regular workout clothes or is there really a difference? 

What is Compression Fabric?

Born Tough Compression Shorts

Compression fabric is made of different stretchable fabrics like Spandex or elastane. These fabrics form a certain amount of pressure against the human body tissues that help to make the flow of blood better, a common example is compression shorts. However, certain factors, like the size of garment and part of the body it is meant for, matter regarding its performance. Usually, it is a mixture of spandex or elastane with polyester or nylon, in any order. Compression fabrics are not very expensive but are significantly better at performance, sweat-wicking and are lightweight. Compression fabrics have a seamless design and held together by heat bonding, ultrasonic welds, flatlock seams either combination or one of these.

Who Is It For?

Born Tough Tanks And Shorts

Most athletes use these but anyone can reap the benefits of these whether you are an occasional runner, lift weights, do gym, or just jog a little. On top of that, there is no age restriction as of who can use compression fabrics. It helps in muscle recovery by pumping enough blood to the muscles that are being worked on which supplies better oxygen. 

Muscle Fatigue!

Wearing compression shorts during workouts helps reduce muscle fatigue, according to a study held by UPMC. Less muscle fatigue means better and long-lasting performance without being tired as hell. 

Muscle Recovery!

The past decade of studies on compression fabric and either they improve performance or not has concluded that these improve oxygen flow and increase circulation which dramatically increases muscle recovery time and performance. Thus, it is highly effective and recommended. But remember it won’t do anything if your muscles are not being worked on. Other than that, it prevents soreness as well as swelling and helps to lubricate the joints.

Compression Gear Really Does Work

Born Tough Workout Shorts

The effectiveness of compression material does vary depending on the length of time it is worn. Studies seem to show an improvement in individuals that wear it for short durations, such as a thirty-minute workout versus an hour or two. Also, the material has the additional benefits of absorbing sweat and reducing chafing against your skin. But they can lose performance if you wash and use them the wrong way. So, here are the mistakes to avoid washing fabrics and active apparel. Lose or long compression fabrics are less likely to perform and we recommend lose them and shift towards the right ones. 

Strain Prevention

Muscle Pain

Preventing the muscles from getting strained is one of the benefits of compression fabrics. And on top of that when muscle recovery is added you can perform way better and reap results that you have always wanted. If muscle press or sprain is happening often then compression fabrics might be the answer. 

Improved Exertion

Compression shorts are helpful in extreme sports or high-intensity workout or whatever you would be doing where muscles have to work insensitively. They help you work for a longer time without letting the muscles get tired. An NCBI study on compression garments and their performance impact shows that runners with compression shorts were better at the performance.

Enhanced Power

With compression shorts, you would still have enough power if you would be wearing compression shorts during the workout. According to studies, compression fabrics help you regain most of the post-workout energy.

Enhanced Performance

While working out whether it is sports or the gym muscles need more oxygen to work properly and efficiently. Compression fabrics are designed and made in such a way that it helps get more oxygen to the muscles by letting the blood pump properly and more to the muscle which is being worked on. In this way, they are helpful in enhancing performance and give better results. 


Comfortable Workout Clothes

Due to its fit the compression fabrics, especially compression shorts, are said to be more comfortable than other fabrics. They have less chafing and friction with skin, because of the tight fit it does not rise up while exercising, so you don’t have to worry about flashing others.

Should you get it?

If you are searching for fabric or workout clothes that could improve your performance with some margin and while doing so you want to be comfortable then compression fabrics might be just the right choice for you. As it is proven that this helps specifically in muscle recovery and gaining post-workout energy loss so we recommend you try it at least once. If you don’t like it then you can go back to your regular clothes. But if you bought it might as well wear it, and later on you might notice the difference and improvements. Socks, shorts, tops, and tights are a few of the clothes that are made of compression fabrics.