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Workout Methods That Keep Progressing After Stepping Out of The Beginner Zone

Training plateau may seem like an urban legend but it can become real and haunt your dreams. Stepping out of the beginner workout training, just when you get addicted to lifting, most of us hit the wall. No progress no matter how hard you try, This training plateau is frustrating. In the beginning, you feel like progressing each day bench press, deadlifts, squats and bicep curls look better and better consistently. It is when we start realizing that these gains are slowly fading away. Lying to oneself explaining it’s nothing we don’t have to worry about it. And the day comes when you cannot lift.

No, don’t worry this is why we are here. Of course, there is a solution to this. Here is what happens, progress for beginners is easy because their nervous system gets activated. The margin for error is big. Stepping out of the beginner zone old methods don’t work because the body has adapted to the change. Without wasting any more time, let's have a look at methods that will keep the gains coming. Workout tips for gaining muscle, check it out if your focus is muscle gain.

Go for ramp-up sets

ramp-up sets

What are the ramp sets? Sets of an exercise with each set having decreasing reps and increasing weight. This is not the actual workout, think of it as a warmup. Methods like using the same weight for every set become un-effective once you get stronger. If you increase the weight without it would put more stress on your joints and body. The ramp sets come in action here, this is how. 

  • You would be working at a higher 1RM. 
  • No warm-up needed. Early lighter sets would be your warm-up. 
  • Starting light and progressively increasing weight will make the body ready for heavier loads.
  • Less heavy loaded end sets mean less stress on joints and body.
  • Muscle growth would still be happening because the body will get the required volume and intensity.
  • Ramp-up sets include explosive lift into your workout routine. Low weight explosive lifting is very beneficial for people who have built their strength base.

Progressing from novice to beginner, intermediate and so on you would have to advance your workout scheme as well. With the advancement in your body, you would also have to advance the workout scheme. This workout change will do the trick for you and keep the gain coming. 

Small changes for big new results

Small changes for big new results

Bringing in small changes to the workout routine like variation, stance, or different variations of the same exercise helps to avoid or overcome the training plateau. Sometimes it is just enough to avoid hitting the wall. This does not let the body and our system get accustomed to a specific move and training. Thus, the body keeps on guessing so you would not just be getting your workout clothes damp and constantly improving.

Try out exercises never done before

Squat In Born Tough Apparel

This could be a test of creativity for you or your trainer. Instead of lifting more weight, include new exercises to your workout. Now the body has to adapt to this exercise. Increasing the weight works as you get from newbie to novice and sometimes even beginner. By now your body has learned to transform and strengthen. Thus, this is where things get really difficult. Working on new exercises is an easy good and effective method. Plus, it ensures you won’t be hitting a plateau. 

Try going for exercises requiring more mobility. Sometimes it is mobility issues causing the delay in your progress. If you don’t have any idea you can always search for some exercise online, ask the trainer, a friend or do the following. 

Upper body 

  • 1-arm pushups
  • Ring dips
  • Barbell row (using the same weight as the bench press)

Lower body 

(try different variations, with and without weights)

  • Pistol squats 
  • Bulgarian split squats
  • Plie Squat + Heel Raises
  • Frog Squat
  • 3-Way Jump Squat
  • Burpee Squat Hold
  • Perfecta 15 sec. L-sit 

Go for a calculated cut

Calculated Cut Physique

Increasing weight is important to progress and it works too. But when this method starts stalling progress you have to be creative. If you are also having difficulty with this process, you’re not a novice, congratulations. Instead of improving performance at the current bodyweight you can keep the performance still and reduce body weight. It might seem counterintuitive but works. Losing somebody fat can do the magic trick and you will be on your way to progress again. It will also gift you a great physique. 

Here is how. Make a slight calorie deficit while strength training. You would have to stay calculated. Losing as little as 5lbs and maintained performance will make you strong.

Adapt a high rep hypertrophy 

high rep hypertrophy

Progressing more like a novice. In other words, making the body more efficient at recruiting muscle fibers. Think of our nervous system like the power to the muscles. You can absorb more electricity by building bigger muscles.  This will increase strength potential. Train higher rep range or do drop sets. 

Slap that Plateau in the face

Adding ramping sets, being logical with rep scheme, doing a new exercise, lose overdue fat, go for a calculated cut, adapting hypertrophy program. Graduating from the beginner phase you might lose rapid progression. But your progress does not need to stop. Hitting a plateau is not scary. You just have to act smart and work outsmart. It might be time to try one or two of these methods.