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Workout Shorts Step By Step Buying Guide

The right pair of workout shorts give you support and functionality that make your workouts easier. There are a lot of shorts available but how do you decide which one is best for you. Here is our guide for different types of workout shorts and which one is the right fit.

Why wear the right shorts?


Born Tough Workout Shorts.

The prime feature of any workout wear is comfort and the most important. Workout shorts whether it be gym, exercise, running or sports are made to keep you comfortable. Stretchable material with good sweat management, right fitting is the key that helps you get the most out of your exercise. 

Range of Motion

Range Of Motion

Workout shorts have an enhanced range of motion which lets you move freely. This comes in handy when you are doing exercises like squats etc. They also give additional support to legs and knees.


Quick Drying Shorts

Most of the shorts are made of nylon mixed with other fabrics, which is why they dry up quickly increasing performance and comfortable fitting by evaporating sweat and reducing chafing.


Compression Shorts By Born Tough

The availability of a different variety of gym and workout shorts is what makes these popular. In addition, they go along with different workout attire making a good combination.

Summer perfect

Summer Shorts

Shorts are the perfect bottom wear for summer because they offer less leg coverage, which lets your body breathe better. 


Workout shorts are the most versatile and can be worn for different workouts and types of training. Ranging from high intensity to low-intensity workouts.

Choices in material 


Cotton is one of the most selected fabrics in gym shorts, this is because it is comfortable. Cotton shorts are great for training where perspiration and chafing risk is low and comfort is a priority to you rather than functionality. But with the passage of time cotton tends to lose its shape and it absorbs more.

Cotton blends

The cotton blends are a combination of cotton comfort with the functionality of other materials. You get comfort and functionality in one. Cotton plus spandex is a common example this helps cotton to retains its shape giving it elasticity. 


With spandex’s 4-way stretch properties it is a premium choice for compression shorts, running shorts, and cycling shorts. Spandex shorts keep your body covered even in compromising positions and they are less likely to ride up your legs.


Thin, lightweight, better sweat-wicking and quick-drying are the key features of nylon because of which most runners go for nylon shorts. Nylon’s rip resistance properties making it strong and durable. Cotton is comfortable but as it absorbs sweat and would become heavy with time. 


Microfibers are small synthetic fibers that are woven into the cloth. It dries fast and is lightweight that is the reason it is becoming a more and more popular choice for workouts. Microfiber is the prime choice for swing shorts.

Workout short styles

The choice of workout short style is dependent on personal preference but there are some reasons to go for a fitted one. The following are three categories and reasons to go for it. Keep these in mind while buying shorts.

Athletic shorts

The athletic shorts for men are versatile and can be worn during different workouts. Drawstring or elastic waist for personalized fitting and soft loose-fitting for comfort and better movement cutting off at mid-thigh. They are best for gym and workout sessions but you can have them as daywear if you like. 

Gym shorts

Gym shorts for women are just like men’s athletic. These also have elastic or drawstring waistband but shorter in length comparatively. Sitting on upper or mid-thigh they cover underwear lining giving protecting from sweat and rubbing against skin.

Zumba shorts

Zumba shorts are usually made of cotton with loose fit because the focus is towards comfort. Loose-fitting makes the shorts move with the body and as it is not intense workout so shorts won’t get heavy because of sweat absorption. 

Compression shorts

Compression shorts are made of spandex or spandex mixed with other fabrics. They adhere to the body keeping the muscles warm and wicks away sweat. This reduces muscle strain and shorts rubbing with the body preventing rashes. Cyclists and runners prefer these shorts because of their streamlined fit and performance. These can be worn by both men and women.

Special purpose shorts

These are worn by athletes and is suited according to their sport of choice. They have specialized tailoring according to the sport. Following are the examples

Cycling shorts

Cycling shorts are compression shorts with an added feature. Crotch pocket is for padding to protect cyclists from discomfort, resistance, soreness, etc. caused by long rides because of the seat. Some shorts come with built-in padding while some do not, so you can purchase it separately too!

Running shorts

Running shorts are shorter than cycling and gym shorts. You often will see runners wearing running briefs, but they are a loose fit and protect from resistance and wind. Running shorts are also loosely fit but you can choose your favorite style, these often come with pockets too!

How short is too short?

If the shorts are too long it gets in the way, if they are too short you might be flashing people during workouts. Both the conditions are not good. Choosing the right length is as important as choosing the right style and fitting.

 Workout shorts are meant to allow freedom of movement so it should not be anything more than that. You can try them out and put yourself in some workout positions like squatting, lunging, leg raise, etc. and see if they cover your skin properly. If the shorts cover the body properly without any indecent exposure then you will be able to save your dignity while workout. What you feel like freedom of movement and a better range of motion might be a cause of sore eyes for others. Think wise, be responsible, and test your shorts before buying them.

What to look for in workout shorts?

A good workout short should be ready be sweated in, washed twice more than any other shorts, give an enhanced range of motion, and to be messed with in gym bag. Although it is a lot to ask these are the reasons you should choose the right material and fit. To find out the best quality workout shorts the first tip is to test the seams. Sturdy and straight seams show the quality of shorts. If you tug it the shape, form, and gaps will maintain themselves.

The second test is to check pockets. Higher quality shorts will use good quality fabric for pockets and make it deep. They are not concerned about saving fabric and destroy quality. Plus, the deep pocket is another hint of good quality as they are functional and safe to keep your valuables in. the third test, if the shorts have liner or gusset, they are good quality shorts.